Seattle Area Alumnae Chapter

Delta Gamma
Pay Your Per Capita Dues


We welcome all Seattle Area Delta Gamma alumnae to sponsor young women who we HOPE will wear the golden anchor. The sponsorship team cannot accomplish this task alone and we welcome your help! Please take the time to complete a DG Sponsor Form (RIF - Reference Information Form) for a potential new member (PNM).


Sponsorship is the future of Delta Gamma, and we need you to help us build a strong future!

Sponsor Form Packet Should Include:
1. Two 4x6 pictures (1 headshot, 1 full)
2. Resume
3. Copy of transcript
4. Sponsor Form (RIF - Reference Information Form)

Other Forms of Support:
Letters of reference are also accepted as support with a Sponsor Form (RIF). If a Sponsor Form has already been written for a PNM, additional letters of support will help a young woman stand out from the crowd and can be very beneficial.

Tips for Writing a Great Sponsor Form (RIF):
1. Type or print clearly.
2. The more information you provide, the more useful the Sponsor Form will be. Remember, in most cases, the Sponsor Form is the first contact the chapter has with a PNM. Your personal comments and examples are invaluable.
3. Be as descriptive as possible when filling out a Sponsor Form (RIF). For example, it is important to let the chapter know if a PNM is shy, reserved or assertive so that they can plan a recruitment strategy that will benefit her.
4. Always make a copy for your records in case anything gets lost in the mail.
5. Don't forget to sign your Sponsor Form (RIF).

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